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When you need a well driller you can count on to get the job done right on your property, our team here at Advanced Well Drilling & Services Inc. Based in Taylorsville, UT, we proudly serve the greater Salt Late region with high-quality well drilling, well replacements, and pump repairs at highly-affordable rates. Our customers chose us because experience, honesty and integrity. We are thankful for the reviews that you have given us as well as the referrals from previous customers. We are proud of our experience and accomplishments in the drilling industry and our customers see this. Advanced Well Drilling & Services has drilled water wells for domestic use, industrial/commercial use and public supply wells. We currently specializing in residential, domestic and irrigation wells. Read on learn more about each of these services, and contact our experienced Utah professionals at (801) 572-8080 today!

Well Drilling

Drilling a well in your property is great to access the groundwater on your land. Not only is this water healthy, safe and rich in minerals — it's also yours, which means you don't have to pay utilities for it. In the long run, drilling a well on your property can save you money on utility costs and bring you and your family crystal-clear drinking water. Our professionals here at Advanced Well Drilling & Services Inc. have decades of experience drilling wells for residential and commercial properties across Utah. We combine our expertise with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our clients get the safest, most efficient wells possible.

Well Replacements

Is the water well on your property not working the way it's supposed to? Often, this is due to problems with your pump — but sometimes, your well itself may be the source of the issue. Structural damage, changes in the water table or aquifer, contamination, and property/water rights issues are all reasons why property owners may need well replacements on their properties. If you find yourself in need of a water well replacement, our team has you covered. Contact us to schedule an initial assessment of your property today!

Well Deepening

It may be that when your well was initially drilled for one reason or another the drilling was stopped. There are many reasons why the drilling may have been terminated, regardless of the reason it may be possible to go into your existing well and drill it deeper. There are several methods used to accomplish this. Call our experienced professionals at (801) 572-8080 for more information!

Pump Installation, Repairs and Servicing

The well pump is a vital component of any water well. Put simply, the pump transports water from underground into your property for use wherever you need it. When your pump stops working properly, it can spell trouble for the water supply in your home or business. Here at Advanced Well Drilling & Services, Inc. we provide comprehensive maintenance, repairs, and new installations for well pumps across Northern Utah. No matter your pump problem, we can fix it. Call us now!

No matter the service, you can expect nothing short of dedication and excellence from our team.

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